Video Fourteen: Bug Juice

In this video I will show you a horse that I pronounced a "judgement call" and explain how to make those tough selections.

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I make a judgement call on a horse in this example. There were three claims in this race, two of them were not Chicken Dinners and the other was a judgement call. I deemed him a play because he had been in a higher claiming race and finished fifth by two lengths but was favored in that race. Since this was a optional claiming race for 30,000 and the race where he was favored was a 50,000 claimer, I picked hims as a judgement call. If the public deemed him a favorite in a $50,000 claimer and he only got beat by two, I considered him to be competitive at the $30,000 level. The public is not always right by any stretch of imagination but when their money makes one an even money favorite, there had to be a reason for it.

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