Video Three: Madris

This video offers another great example of a Chicken Dinner and you will learn some things about the "optional claiming" races that seem to dominate the programs these days. This will help you in discerning the different claimed horses and settling on the winner.

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In this example we get into an optional claiming race. This is where the trainer has an option to either run his horse with a claiming tag and if so the horse could be claimed or he could run his horse without a claiming tag in which case the horse can not be claimed. The Chicken Dinner in this race opted not to run for the claiming tag. He was coming back to the same level where he was claimed but there was no chance of him being claimed.

I believe horses have fitness cycles and they come into them and also go out of them. One of the ways to tell if a horse is rounding into form, he will show a lead at the head of the stretch in one or two of his last races. This horse had that showing in his past performance.

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